karen harasses hispanic man sunset dogs

A New Jersey woman was recorded criticizing a Hispanic man who was just trying to take a picture of the sunset with his hounds. And in a refreshing turn on Karen videos, she says her name, address, and passes the recorder permission to post the video online.

Ruben Martinez, the man she castigated, filmed the meeting and announced it to social media.

Martinez said he was trying to take a photo of the sundown when the woman began to harass him and ask him to leave the neighborhood. He captioned the video, “I was simply trying to shoot the sunset at 7 Connects Road when I was met with racism.”

He drove to a dead-end street in Oceanport with his two small dogs. Because they are driving down the street, he explained, the dogs began barking at another dog they had seen. He left the dogs in the car to take a picture for what he claims was less than two minutes when the status of women approached him and allegedly told him to go back to where he came from.

https :// youtu.be /8 Q7QltlJeLQ

The woman and Martinez yell over each other at the beginning of the video. She tells Martinez and his “loud dogs” to leave the neighborhood. “They’re small dogs, ” he greets.

“I don’t care. They’re disrupting the entire vicinity, ” the woman, who relates herself as Rita Masterson, shoots back.

Masterson continues her tirade. “Your dogs are aggravating, and you’re aggravating, ” she says. “So make your camera, take your selfie attach, make your pups, and get the f* ck out of here.”

Martinez then queries the woman to identify herself, and she says her name as well as her address. She likewise causes him permission to post the video to social media. “Absolutely! ” Masterson exclaims.

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