PUBG’s smallest map, Sanhok, will soon change in major ways.

PUBG is about to drop a lot of new material and alters as the game knocks off Season 8. Patch 8.1, available tomorrow on PC test servers, will give players an early look at everything coming with the brand-new season.

Sanhok, the game’s small-time, tropical map is being “remastered” with new visuals, and renovations to a number of its key places. The topic of this change runs counter to its original lush examination, with more overgrown and abandoned fields now taken away from the map.

The new Sanhok athletics a number of brand-new places, as well as a new mechanic: Loot Trucks. These trucks will drive around the planned and sag plunder when shot, and a big pile of high-level components when completely destroyed.

Loot Trucks carry Confiscated Weapons, which are pre-built artilleries that stop with feelings pre-installed. Similar to Warzone and other BR tournaments, those weapons feature unique surfaces to signify their status.

The new season, of course, comes with a new Battle Pass: Payback. Alongside the new pass, ranked participates can expect a big update to tallying, with Ranked Points now taking into account team placement. The new Vikendi has also connected the graded map pool.

Update 8.1 officially liberates July 22 on PC, and July 30 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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