This Skyrim mod covers you in dirt and blood, Red Dead Redemption 2-style

One of the most memorable aspects of Red Dead Redemption 2’s pragmatism is how it shows the specific characteristics of life along the road on Arthur himself. Stray from taking regular baths and the western game’s intrepid hero will become begrimed with everything, from horse dung and clay to blood from saloon riots, which NPCs will sneer at until you’ve sorted yourself out. Now, that same realism’s come to Skyrim, thanks to a brand-new mod that too splashings the RPG game’s Dragonborn in muck.

JaySerpa’s ‘Dirt and Blood – dynamic visual effects’ mod entails “your character will increase grunge and blood dynamically, which you are eligible to scavenged by dive, stand in the downpour, or taking a bath” – so, it works in a very similar way to RDR2. “The upshots are mostly visual exclusively and do not affect gameplay, ” the modder adds, so you won’t need to worry about your hero’s dragon and draugr slay taking a thumped from all that mud and blood they’re slathered in.

However, brokers like a squeaky scavenge Dovahkiin, so “youre seeing” a 10% rate hike or plunge, depending on your current state of cleanliness.

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