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Famous environmental activist Erin Brokovich wrote an op-ed in the Guardian calling Joe Biden out over his appointment of Michal McCabe to his modulation crew for the Environmental Protection Agency. McCabe is the onetime Deputy Director of the EPA, a former hire of Biden, and a former advisor to the chemical busines DuPont, who helped them shunned responsibility for the chemical PFOA and the damage it did to plant workers, locals occupants, and their children. It was depicted in the movie Dark Water.

So the guy who helped DuPont avoid taking responsibility for knowingly poisoning hundreds of thousands of people has been tapped by Biden for the EPA. When will this madness end?

Dear Joe Biden, just let me run the EPA and transition team. I, for one, give a shit about the environment and therefore am highly overqualified for the position.

As picks for President-elect Joe Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) transition team were announced, I felt concerned and disheartened about a chemical industry insider being on the list. Are you kidding me?

DuPont had known the chemical was dangerous since 1961, and completely explored the extent of that peril at their in-house toxicology research facility. However, DuPont chose not to disclose any of this to the public or to the majority of their workforce, publicly proclaiming PFOA harmless. DuPont went on to dispose of waste PFOA in or near irrigate sources, first buried in casks on the banks of the Ohio River and dropped into the ocean and later spewed directly into the Ohio River. By 1984 there were elevated levels of PFOA in the water supply as far as 79 miles away from the bush. As a ensue, numerou cancers, ulcerative colitis, and birth defects proliferated.

As someone who has worked at Dow facilities in the past. Dupont merged with Dow. I can honestly say: You do not want anyone from Dow or Dupont anywhere close to being over the EPA.

In 2001 McCabe started from working for the EPA to working for DuPont, and in 2003 he took over treat the communication between the two after the EPA began a priority review of PFOA. The purpose of a priority review is to determine if a essence is toxic enough that it needs to be subject to regulations restriction its use and dictating safe methods of disposal, something that would have been expensive and inconvenient for DuPont.

McCabe used his close working relationship with his former peers at the EPA to access inside information about the investigation, information which stood DuPont to influence the outcome of the investigation in a way that benefitted them immensely. No regulatory constitutions were applied to the use or jettison of PFOA, the only requirement was that they phase out its be utilized in their commodities over a nine-year period. Though the EPA was able to fine DuPont in 2006 for the withholding of information about PFOA’s safety concerns, that punishment was quite low.

Online, the internet applauded Brokovich calling out the corporate ties of Biden’s transition. Most of the reactions to McCabe’s appointment are frenzied, with some once comparing Biden’s brand-new administration to Trump’s.

Biden's EPA may be as bad as trump's, judging by the DuPont shill on his EPA transition team.

As many feared, the #BidenHarris administration is set to resume the corrupt war on #Environment, #Climate and #Science waged by the #TrumpAdministration. Look at #Biden's pick as #EPA transition board member #DuPont #Trump #Harris #ErinBrockovich #PFAS

In her op-ed, Brokovich states that this isn’t a left -or right-wing issue, it’s a listen-to-science issue. She announced on Biden to listen to the communities he’s been elected to serve and not corporate boards.

It is time to keep your promise and give the people a tone and a accommodate the table in order to find a meaningful solution for the environmental issues and for the person or persons. Don’t close the door on us again.

Brokovich finished by label on Joe Biden to “do the right thing.” Biden has yet to make any public response. Biden’s ties to DuPont might be stronger, however. He formerly lived in a mansion that carried the company’s name.

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