J Balvin Reveals He '' Didn ' t Want to Live ' Amid Struggle with Depression

J Balvin is getting honest about his battle with anxiety.

During an honest discussion with Becky G on her Amazon Music podcast En La Sala , the 25-year-old reggaeton vocalist confessed that there was one point in his life where he “didn’t wish to live” any longer.

” I was simply sobbing for no factor. Didn’’ t wish to get up. Didn’’ t wish to consume, didn’t even wish to live, “J Balvin stated, exposing that he’s been struggling with stress and anxiety and anxiety because he was a kid.

” You lose hope and you feel unusual at every location you go. You seem like you are beyond your body,” J Balvin described. “I’’ ve been shaking considering that I was a kid, and I’ve constantly had it, however I simply didn’’ t understand it was stress and anxiety.”


J Balvin stated that he didn’t wish to look for assistance due to the fact that he wish to believe he “was insane.”

” I bear in mind that I remained in bed for, like, 5 days and I was simply waiting to pass away. ‘‘ I do not have the balls to eliminate myself however I will simply wait,'” J Balvin remembered believing at the time. “Of course, my entire household was ravaged due to the fact that at the time I wasn’t as called I am right now……. At the time, I stopped my profession and I like music.”

Eventually, J Balvin visited a physician to get assistance and began treatment for anxiety.

” Since then, I have actually been medicated and I do not feel bad about it,” J Balvin shared.

Now, J Balvin stated he’s dedicated to destigmatizing treatment both in his music and on social networks.

” What I inform kids is do not think whatever you see on Instagram. I wish to be a genuine guy and program [the genuine me],” J Balvin stated. “There’s a great deal of individuals out there suffering like I hellip &am; however when you’re going through a tough minute and have stress and anxiety and anxiety, do not examine Instagram.”

” To me, whatever, genuine, is to have health and psychological health and peace,” he continued. “I wish to inform the kids, do not hesitate to be who they are and this includes whatever, sexual identity, beliefs, faith, who you wish to be as an artist, your profession, do not compare yourself to any person else.”


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