In his session at GlobalCon2 yesterday, Jason Mayans( Group Product Manager for Yammer at Microsoft ) initiated a ‘New Yammer’ to an excited public! As expected, this session produced a healthful debate( in the session chat) between the benefits and features of Yammer and Teams.

During the session, “weve received” mentions such as 😛 TAGEND

We use it for communications that go out to a much wider audience than Teams We apply Yammer to share updates with specific crews or communities of interest I am the leader of a company singing group. I use Yammer to announce recitals and concerts to the company at-large, but my Crews place will be only for people currently a are part of my singing group. I’ve exploited Yammer for informal/ general comms that weren’t specific to a project or squad We exert Teams for our core work with folders, congregates, chat, and collaboration with the people we work with every day to get things done. Yammer is for big, company-wide dialogues and happenings( like HR, IT, diversity and inclusion, leader, etc ), as well as for broad advertisements and news that need discussions around it, and open knowledge sharing and Q& A with beings that you don’t necessary “know”.

And too questions arose such as 😛 TAGEND

I only do not get how this isn’t crews? Canals setup carefully gives you this functionality

“We use Yammer with hundreds of users who are not part of our tenant, but now that it’s fully integrated, have to figure out how to handle that”

So – what did Jason tell us?

Fitting in with Microsoft’s aim to help companies thrive, build and rebuild in an ever changing climate, Jason described the Yammer mission as to “help organisations and parties around the planet achieve more” as the “new normal” way of life evolves.

The brand-new Yammer is really the first, Microsoft 365 service that’s been redesigned from the ground up abusing the fluent scheme system.

Examples of ways in which organisations can engage with the new yammer are 😛 TAGEND

HR – to support flexible work styles and to streamline public service employees onboarding event Sell – gathering and share patron feedback, collect opinions from the company and announce expeditions IT – to announce new company wide rollouts and new and new information technologies supports Sales units – use the brand-new Yammer to enable best tradition sharing between works, share competitive penetrations with each other and share account intelligence. Concoction squads – for learning basis, distinguishing product matters, sharing feedback and idea generation Leaders can reinforce the company, duty, values and goals with workers and live affairs, open company ordeals for parties in the field or on the go.

The Yammer team have been rapidly liberating brand-new the characteristics and amalgamations to help customers navigate this new world, and the brand-new Yammer know-hows are now available in public preview. The slither below summarises the current availability of features.

He displayed the New Yammer experience on the web& evidenced the modern, clean, fresh know-how that can highlight discussions happening within your organization.

The new Yammer feed is an AI and machine learning feed that uses information about your activity in Yammer and across Office 365 to present content that you’re interested in, both content from communities that you’re a part of and from people you’re following.

A lot of common Microsoft 365 ingredients are exercised providing the ability to switch to other apps, the common investigation prohibit across the suite with auto-complete behaviour for parties and communities which renders a very consistent experience.

One of the big changes in new Yammer is renaming radicals to communities to reinforce the purpose of Yammer. Yammer is about connecting your employees together in communities, it’s not about teamwork( that’s for Teams ). Yammer is not about a generic thought of the working group, but it’s really about building a community in your organization.

The Leadership Connection Community

This is a very common type of community used within the Yammer to help governors and employees connect with each other, enable employees to ask questions of lead and enable leadership to help reinforce the culture they demand within an organization.

This community was designed with community managers in psyche, to help hem drive the use and health of communities within organisations. Specific pieces for parish overseers earmark 😛 TAGEND

Conversations( or edicts) to be pinned the top of a community Conversation to be closed to further notes Off topic/ inappropriate comments to be flagged for discus

Some of the different types of content that can be included are

Conversations Questions Send kudo Create a poll

Rich text can be used within announces, use adventurous, italics and increasing text size etc. The new Yammer publisher experience likewise attachments and. gifs be added.

Live Events capability

The great thing about live happens is that you can either view them “live”,( where they’re actually happening ), or they’re on-demand for your employees to find and watch at a later date.

Questions and gossips can be asked before, during and after the episode has come to an end. Best reacts can be pennant so they can be found first, saving a good deal of superfluous frisk. Event administrators can also be helped with an option to find unanswered questions.

New Yammer on Mobile

The new Yammer portable know-how is simple, beautiful, and clean, just like the web experience. When you first jump into Yammer mobile, you acre in a personalized feed, which brought together dialogues and edicts from across your communities.

Yammer mobile also offers a video sharing suffer, allowing you to capture a live instant and share it instantly into a Yammer community. The video recording experience, tells you instantly capture a video, add verse, trim and revise it as needed, before being affixed when creating more visually potent material. It’s too perfect for creating a sense of authenticity allowing you to share authentic minutes with your colleagues.

Yammer superpowers within the Office 365 Suite

Yammer can be integrated with Microsoft Teams as an app, requiring easy and quick access to Yammer within the hub for cooperation and the updated Yammer web part in SharePoint, imparts the features and the design of the new Yammer, including things like questions and answers to help you power a more social intranet.

Below, you can see the new updated SharePoint network component for Yammer. This parallels the brand-new blueprint, but it’s likewise a fully featured Yammer communications suffer. You is generated by brand-new discourses, ask questions, use rich texts in this conversation, contributed affections and gifs, all within the context of this SharePoint site.

Yammer Integration with Outlook

For customers who live and work in outlook all day, they can also be reached with edicts created in Yammer and they can also interact with Yammer conversations without leaving their outlook inbox.

New Yammer Benefits for IT

Organizations can now better manage compliance on Yammer with ease discovery, data governance, and unified administration of Yammer within the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. These abilities enable you to manage the compliance of Yammer truly in the same way that you cope conformity across the rest of the collection for squads, for email and for SharePoint.

Native Mode

Native mode is a capability that enables you to enable compliance, within Yammer. It ensures that all of your consumers, groups and content in your Yammer network are backed by Microsoft 365. This is actually now the default state for any brand-new customers who join Yammer.

The Native Mode Alignment Tool improves existing organizations is removed from their current state into Yammer native mode.

The benefits of native procedure are 😛 TAGEND

Efficiency, it enables you to manage your Yammer communities and users, just like you do for other Microsoft 365 assistances employing Azure active directory useds and using Microsoft 365 radicals. It ensures that all of your folders are stored in SharePoint, which means that they’re subject to the existing SharePoint governance policies, and are enabled by SharePoint search. It helps compliance, including E finding through the conformity center.

For end users, native procedure genuinely cures them provide a consistent event across all communities in Yammer, with deeper incorporations in Microsoft 365. So it enables live occurrences to happen in all of their own communities. It enables richer teams and SharePoint consolidations, and of course the broader kind of file discovery and file make-up capabilities of SharePoint.

Once you enable native procedure, E-discovery is available in the 365 security compliance centre, built on the same platform as the rest of the Microsoft 365 suite. This means that you can discover Yammer content side by side with other workloads. With advanced E-discovery, you can reconstruct full communications to pair exactly what users examined in Yammer when you search for the content. Legal remains also now apply to Yammer conversation and data via SharePoint. This is all based on the underlying infrastructure of Office 365 connected radicals. In addition to E-discovery through the Microsoft 365 security and compliance center, you get the capabilities of enabling communication compliance on top of the Yammer private sends and community conversations.

Data Governance

Data Governance capabilities enable you to have granular retention and deletion policies across communities and users. You can set up these policies to indicate how long you want to keep content in Yammer or how long before you want to delete that material. Lastly, within Yammer, we have the capability of a regional data residency. this means that you can choose whether your Yammer network is provisioned in the United District or it’s provisioned out of the EU, when you’re creating that structure and present customers have the option to re-provision their networks from one location to the other.

To find out more information and out how to use the new Yammer Preview in your organization move here, and for Yammer adoption resources look here.

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