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Iceborne is the first, and last, major DLC to Capcom’s stellar Monster Hunter World. For those that missed it, the swelling initially propelled on consoles late last year, though it’s only just made its way to PC this January.

While I’d personally like Capcom to find a way to launch its tournaments on PC and console at the same time, having exhaust many moons exploring Iceborne’s, adventurous, and cold, new world I can confirm this version is worth the wait. Here’s why.

Iceborne may sound like a small outing that includes a handful of brand-new ogres, nuclear weapons and pieces. And yes, at its heart the auto-mechanics are the same as the original Monster Hunter World. But it’s far, far more than a simple update. Cliff Document: You are an elite hunter in a strange property tasked to explore and kill the regional gigantic wildlife exercising a variety of different over-the-top weapons and traps. As usual, pursuings can be taken on solo or with groupings of fellow mercenaries.

After jumping into Iceborne, you’ll soon find it’s actually more of a fully-fledged sequel to the original Monster Hunter World. It contributes a brand-new tale and swelling new neighborhood to explore alongside a resource of brand-new machinists that will please veteran hunters looking forward to a new challenge.

The biggest of these is the addition of the sequence classic “G-Rank” goals. They’re called Master Missions, but they fulfill the same purpose. In the Monster Hunter series, the difficulties faced by journeys is often separated into three grades; Low Rank, High Rank and G-Rank respectively. In conventional style, World launched with Low and High rank, with the elusive G-Rank nowhere to be found. That is, until now.

This is par for the course for the Monster Hunter games, secreting an additional G-Rank alongside an “Ultimate” version of the game. The same is reflected in Iceborne, where G-Rank has been renamed Master Rank, and imparts along with it a new place, in addition to providing a slay of new challenges.

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IceborneAnd that’s why mums go to Iceborne …

You can access Master Rank in Iceborne simply by to finish the main adventure in Monster Hunter: World, meeting it more accessible than once contemplated. Once this happens, you’re returned over to its brand-new, chilly areas and hubworld, which looks beautiful.

While graphically it still examines astounding on console. Iceborne takes things to another level on PC thanks to a few key features. The biggest are the adds-on of an uncapped 4K resolve determining, high solving composition jam-pack and ultrawide screen subsidize. These options impel the once stunning stretch “re absolutely” mind-blowing with the liberty setup.

The new region’s freezing white covers and rolling slopes are stunning and give the game a new loan of life. My merely downside is the PC version still doesn’t feature innovative new graphical technology, like ray find, which would have been amazing across Iceborne’s snowy landscape. This isn’t extremely surprising though as it’s still somewhat involving. Like the prime activity, even with a 9th Gen i7, GTX 1080 Ti GPU and 32 GB of DDR4 RAM, it hovered at around 30 fps on the most prominent graphical settings.

The visuals aren’t the only change Capcom’s made to the game’s setting, either.

For starters the hub has had a ended redesign. There’s no running about for a few minutes merely to visit the smithy, it’s more constrained, quick and easy to navigate as a result. The same applies to the Gathering Hall of Seliana, where you’re able to manage resource centres, bounties and gear all in one beautiful hub, surrounded by hot springs and its nippy, rocky scenery.

Your personal office has also received some well-needed changes in Iceborne. Now, you’re able to accrue hundreds of customisation options as you accomplish optional sidequests, which is a welcome distraction from the gauntlet of rigor that is facing the Master Rank monsters in the main quest, or while raising for items on informal safaruss.

The main gear loop remains the same in Iceborne. You hunt a Master Rank villain, and attain nuclear weapons and armour far more powerful than you had before. If you’ve frisked Monster Hunter: World for hundreds of hours, you’ll be throw away your beautifully crafted armour starts instantly to replace them with Master Rank mounts. The same applies for your weapon. These all have brand-new customisation slots, which makes acquiring skills you want in engagement that fragment easier.

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IceborneYes, you’ll still get to watch Palicoes concoct savory meat

Almost every artillery from the core selection of 12 “ve received” some brand-new moves, devotees or same elements of polish. These take into consideration the aggressiveness and mobility you’ll need while facing these Master Rank demons. However, its biggest conversion is the addition of the Clutch Claw. As you might remember from Monster Hunter: World, you had access to a slinger that could be used to fire things at beings, or confront up surfaces. These two functionalities have been mixed together, meaning that you’re able to use your slinger while your artillery is out, and likewise use a artillery specific ability to get it to remove slinger ammo, make it flinch or compose weak points.

Once you’ve contacted Seliana and Master Rank, you’ll immediately be facing the roster’s brand-new additives alongside new variants of Monster Hunter: World’s original animals. Each returning ogre owns brand-new moves and attitudes to keep the fights fresh, and brand-new demons such as Banbaro are a rapture to fight in the new Hoarfrost Reach locale. These environments aren’t simply for show, they showcase how penetrating the ecosystem really is, and takes the utmost care in demonstrating how it cultivates. Everything from miniscule insects to gargantuan Elder Dragons are depicted with splendid detail.

Something to note in Iceborne is the significant difficulty rush past the 4 and 5 starring Master Rank quests. However, this difficulty is justified by forcing you to engage with auto-mechanics that was formerly been easy to ignore in High Rank. When crafting armour organizes, you’ll need to pay more attention to its the expertise and defiances, and ideally you will need to be crafting or kitting out bespoke primeds in order to quell more difficult monsters. The co-op experience enormously facilitates now, and also spotlights the changes to each artillery and additive of the Clutch Claw, which starts the game far more manageable when fighting against the gigantic beings that inhabit Iceborne’s Master Rank.

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IceborneYou’ll need the help of fellow hunters to best some of the bigger villains

The star of the show is how enticing kitting out your shield establishes is. As you collect materials from monsters, you’ll need to earn its teeth by knocking them out, or a unruly posterior by severing it. Each article of armor that you wear isn’t only gear, it’s a sumptuou accolade. A austere divergence to many other “live” games, or live-service suffers like Destiny or The Division, where the pillage treadmill is often repetition and digesting. While Monster Hunter feels significantly more rewarding for a number of reasons.

By factoring skill into the equation when grinding for plunder, it’s a perfect coalescence between actor empowerment, knowledge and challenge. When you lastly obtain that brand-new article of armour or potent weapon, they feel earned , not grinded for. While there is still RNG occasions to deal with Monster Hunter’s plunder, it feels a lot more fair than decoding a violet orb with merchants in a hubworld.

This discernible nature of the loot constructs “youre feeling” more connected to Monster Hunter’s living, breathing ecosystem. You’re not just an observer or a random ubermensch, you feel like you’re a part of the world. With Master Rank and its associated hurdle you feel this even more, and this is addressed in the game’s main story.

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IceborneIceborne’s hub area is huge, gorgeous and filled with familiar faces

If you make the player out of the equation in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, it would still serve a purpose. This mad new territory isn’t conveyed for you, it’s to showcase and respect quality and beings around you, and for that alone, Iceborne is special.

It learns you to have a thorough understanding of whatever you might be hunting, to understand them profoundly, to a degree where you’re able to know where they remain, where they sleep and where they munch. That plunder that you give after a hunting never feels unearned, or cheap. This sport, the ogres, ecology and action are as near to perfection as an war play are able to obtain, and that’s not only reflected in its story and life, but also its core mechanics.

All this may sound small but the changes add up to clear Iceborne feel like a wonderfully unique, new undertaking. The only ongoing negative is the PC version’s obtuse keyboard and mouse restricts. This is the one field Capcom hasn’t managed to nail porting Monster Hunter to PC. It’s made some improvements to the machinists, computing improved support for keyboard shortcuts and removing some of the more obtuse multi-input requires. But information systems still feels clunky, and within an hour I was back to my trusty Xbox controller.


You’ll not only be entertained by Monster Hunter World: Iceborne for hours, but you will be in awe of its complex methods, and how they align so well to create an memorable expansion to an previously terrific game.

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