As actors continue to discover more about the PlayStation 5’s peculiarity laid now that it has launched in some territories, with others to see debut on November 19, we’ve learned about some immense PS5 features and some that need improvement. But all players should know that, for the time being, if they want to move PS5 sport saves off console, they are unable do so via the gloom – and only if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

Currently, PlayStation 5 tournament saves is impossible to be either removed off of your console’s storage, or uploaded to cloud saves. That second option, however, is only for PS Plus customers, so those who don’t, for the time being, have no way of moving their saves off-console. This is different from PS4 saves on but PS5 and PS4 consoles, which are able to both moved off to the cloud or onto USB storage. That USB storage looms unavailable for PS5 game saves.

[ caption id= “attachment_2 439265 ” align= “alignnone” width= “7 20 “] PS5 Save Data Option PS5 saves is impossible to be emulated to shadow or deleted currently [/ caption]

[ caption id= “attachment_2 439267 ” align= “alignnone” width= “7 20 “] PS4 Save Data Option on PS5 The USB Drive alternative is offered to PS4 game saves .[/ caption]

IGN has reached out to Sony for remark about whether there are plans to allow consumers to move PS5 saves off onto USB drives. But as listed on the official PlayStation Support website, currently merely PS4 game save data and screenshots and video excerpts can be moved onto USB drives.

We do know that Sony is currently looking into a future modernize that would allow PS5 competitions to be installed on or played on external drives, as that is not possible at the moment, though PS4 games can be stored on increased storage options.

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If you’re curious to know more about how to use your PS4 data on PS5 and more, is secure to check out our guide on how to transfer data and much more .[ poilib constituent= “accentDivider”]

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