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Marketing Podcast with Shaina Weisinger

social media contentIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Shaina Weisinger, CEO of Repurpose House. Shaina Weisinger is a specialist in social media marketing, specific optimizing material through repurposing.

Repurpose House takes all of the content your business raises and computes the social media bells and whistles. They pare video and audio, organize text gesture videos of blog highlightings, lend headlines, captions, size them for all programmes, and more.

Questions I query Shaina Weisinger:

How did Repurpose House been to? How do you cause content? How does Repurpose House facilitate firms post to multiple places? What is advisable to your basic social programme? What should your average small business( even the boring ones) is being done? What works now on various programmes? Where should you start? With video? How do I make leads with video or social media? How does paid search play into repurposed material?

More about Jon Schram:

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