Skate Park Karen

A woman, dubbed “Skate Park Karen, ” was arrested after seemingly hassling a group of teens and eventually assaulting one at a skatepark in Austin, Texas.

The altercation between the woman and the teenages was caught on video and subsequently affixed to social media.

The woman, who has been identified as Laura K. Lewis by TMZ, is seen at the beginning of the video irritating one of the sons, though what she is saying to him is inaudible. But as Lewis thrusts her body up against the boy, a son behind her swarms ocean on her. Lewis doesn’t react at first, but then, “shes trying to” make the jar out of the boy’s hand.

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Lewis then smacks the boy’s hand, continuing to try and get the water jug. When he doesn’t let go, she kicks him in the belly frequently. “What the f* ck is wrong with you? ” someone can be heard yelling in the background.

The boy doesn’t fight back but tries to get away from her. A girlfriend then comes involved and kicks Lewis before seemingly propagandizing her over a ridge, where she takes about a foot plunge. The video then cuts to when the police arrive, but Lewis continues her “Karen” tirade.

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“You are no longer needed! ” she bitches at the officers. Lewis records the members of the group of teens, alleging one of them of stealing her pocketbook.

“Get out of here–leave! ” they can be heard shouting at her.

Lewis was ultimately arrested and charged with assault.

The reason the altercation started is unknown, and none of the skaters’ identities have not been revealed.


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