Star Renegades review – Resist. Die. Repeat

Two things really define how I entertained myself during infancy – sci-fi and JRPGs. Sci-fi is still a go-to entertainment pillar for me, with its frequently rosy predict of progress that helps us transcend our physical and existential restraints. JRPGs have basically no room in my life anymore.

Though I increase and respect the turn-based combat that the aged 16 -bit age constituted notorious, I no longer have the time for such lengthy adventures where grinding in random engagements to get stronger outside of the context of progressing the story is an tacit understanding.

So needless to say that Star Renegades, with it’s old-school aesthetic and modern take on the Final Fantasy-esque turn based clash, rang a few important bells for me all at once. Over a dozen hours in, Star Renegades still peals, but maybe not with the same crisp tone it done so in those first few runnings. Its mince up of Into the Breach-style determinism in duel, with its FTL or Slay the Spire-style metagame decision making keeps the goal of saving all of world a difficult and engaging one. But you stop encountering new things or get new rewards earlier than most games like it, leaving the incentive to keep coming back after your firstly clear somewhat light.

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