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The Mandalorian is painstakingly crafted and designed within an inch of their own lives, which means that every week, fans are rewarded with a TV show with seams upon layers of detail. But in that consider, it’s also much easier to notice the loiters alongside the triumphs.

In the latest episode, “The Siege, ” Din Djarin and Baby Yoda returned to Nevarro to get the Razor Crest amended after the fixings made by the Mon Calamari dock worker in last week’s episode didn’t hold up for their entire errand to the Corvusian metropolitan of Calodan. If Nevarro seems familiar, it is desirable to. It is not simply home to Din’s old Mandalorian concave but it was also the planet that Greef Karga located his bounty hunting operations–and where the season 1 finale dissension with Moff Gideon took place. And it’s where Din Djarin left his allies Greef Karga and Cara Dune at the end of the season, who’ve both attach around to cleaning process Nevarro a bit.

In true-blue Star Wars fashion, stopping in Nevarro to get his ship restored is a bit more complicated than just waiting for the restores to happen. Din is banked by Greef Karga and Cara Dune to help drain out an old-time Imperial facility on the planet, which involves delivering the same Mythrol that Din brought in for a bounty in the series premiere.

Ultimately, our protagonists are successful in their works. They find out a little more about what Dr. Pershing had planned for Baby Yoda, which involves transfusing Baby Yoda’s blood, which has a high “M-count”–presumably, a reference to the amount of midi-clorians Baby Yoda’s blood has — into test subjects, and we learn that Moff Gideon is now tracking the Razor Crest. But we also have one of the show’s firstly observable goofs.

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At 18:54, you can briefly learn someone in jeans and a T-shirt standing off on the far left side of the doorway as Greef Karga, Cara Dune, and Din Djarin shoot their blasters at a couple of Imperial policemen while the Mythrol crouches behind them. By the time we return to the doorway a few seconds later, the person is gone.

But that person–likely a member of the Mandalorian gang who was mistakenly in the enclose when this representation was filmed–wasn’t only commemorated on video. You are also welcome to experience them in one of the promotional photos that Disney+ are accessible to press for “The Siege.”

the mandalorian t-shirt jeans goof

It’s one of those things that rarely happen, even in big-budget products, but because we’re analyzing everything frame-by-frame in a highly detailed show, we notice it immediately. It famously brings to mind Game of Thrones’ coffee cup moment from last year, in which someone didn’t remove a coffee cup from a table that was visible in the finished bout.( The bowl was digitally removed from the representation after it departed viral but it still triggered months of humorous late-night joke .) It happened again with a water bottle in the Game of Thrones series finale, and even a modern water bottle spawned its space into Little Women.

For now, the crew representative remains and has yet to be edited out of the episode. And while some people might use it as an excuse to criticize The Mandalorian for its production quality, there might be a couple of upsides to the accidental appearance, nonetheless silly they might be.

One, in the cheekiest of ways, the gang member’s appearance now accompanies jeans into Star Wars canon.( If the galaxy far, far away made cable-knit sweaters part of Star Wars canon, why not denim ?) And two, whenever we’re able to go to convenings like Star Wars Celebration again, The Mandalorian just held everyone the world’s easiest outfit to cosplay.

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