Hey Xbox Insiders! We have a brand-new Xbox One update preview coming to the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring. It’s important we note that some modernizes built in these preview OS builds include background betters that ensure a quality and stable body-build for Xbox One.

We continue to post these release documents, even when the pronounced changes to the UI are minimal, so you’re aware when updates are coming to your machine. Items can be found below!

Xbox Insider Release Notes

System Update Item:

OS version secreted: RS_XBOX_RELEASE_2 011 \ 19041.5186.200923 -0 000 Available: 7 p. m. PT- September 23, 2020 Mandatory: 3 a.m. PT- September 24, 2020

Chooses Implemented

Thanks to the hard work of Xbox operators, we are happy to announce the following reparations have been implemented for this erect 😛 TAGEND


Additional sterilizes to address seeing unreadable verse in the Guide with Light Theme enabled.


Fixed a matter in which the dashboard wouldn’t load or picture a gray or pitch-black screen.Users should no longer notice their content blocks or groups missing from the dashboard on reboot/ revise.


Users should now accurately accompany the “Change Background” option in the customize menu.


Various informs to properly reflect regional speeches across the consoleNote: Consumer participating in Preview may attend “odd” text across the console, for more information go here.

Known Controversy

We understand some issues have been listed in previous Xbox Insider Release Notes. These items aren’t being ignored, but it will make Xbox engineers more time to find a solution.

We’re still tracking these known controversies:


Some consumers have reported that Dolby Atmos for Headphones audio giving modifications when the console is rebooted/ updated.Note: If you attempt to set the audio to Dolby Atmos for Headphones and read a meaning advising you to launch the Dolby Access App, please file feedback before propelling the app.


We are investigating reports of the audio mixer being unable to adjust chat/ game audio levels.There are reports from consumers that the Guide not launching or lading.

My Games& Apps

Users have reported realizing black tiles instead of game artwork when browsing their collection.Note: We are still probing the question, delight report the issue again from the console if you have done so with a prior revise and are still seeing this behavior.Some entitlements in accumulation may appear with a “trial” tag incorrectly in collect.

Profile Color

Sometimes customers may encounter the mistaken Profile color when powering on the console.

Make sure to use Report a problem to keep us is aware of your publish. We may not be able to respond to everyone, but the data we’ll gather is crucial to finding a resolution.

What Happens to Your Feedback

How to Get Xbox Insider Support

If you’re an Xbox Insider looking for support, delight reach out to the community subreddit. Official Xbox staff, moderators, and fellow Xbox Insiders are there is assisting your concerns.

When posting to the subreddit, delight look through most recent poles to see if your publish has previously been affixed or addressed. We always recommend adding to weaves with the same issue before affixing a brand new one. This helps us support you the best we can! Don’t forget to use “Report a problem” before posting–the information shared in both places helps us understand your issue better.

Thank you to every Xbox Insider in the subreddit today. We affection that it has become such a friendly and community-driven hub of discourse and support.

For more information regarding the Xbox Insider Program follow us on Twitter. Keep an see on future Xbox Insider Release Memoes for more information regarding your Xbox One Update Preview ring!

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